Adam’s first experience of manual therapy was when he trained in shiatsu with Sarah Bristow at The Practice Place.  

He later went on to take the B.Ost course in Osteopathy at the prestigious College of Osteopaths in London where he was awarded a first class honours degree.  

Adam is an active contributor to osteopathic research and has presented a paper on lateral epicondylalgia at the COET Research Matters Conference.

Adam takes an evidence-based structural approach to osteopathy informed by the latest research.  Using his knowledge of biomechanics he devises treatment plans that not only address the immediate symptoms but also tackles the underlying cause of the symptoms to make a future recurrence less likely.

Adam is registered with GOsC (the General Osteopathic Council) and the Registro de Osteópatas de España and is a member of the Institute of Osteopaths.


Therapeutic Bodywork and Craniosacral Therapy

Howard studied Chinese acupuncture with J R Worsley in Leamington Spa in the late 1970’s which led him not into therapy practice but into twelve years of meditation practice.  He also studied dance, physical theatre and yoga.


In 1992, inspired by Stanley Keleman’s ideas on somatic psychology, he travelled to Belgium to join a retreat that Keleman was leading. When he returned to England Howard started training in integrative psychotherapy at The Minster Centre with luminaries of the body oriented psychotherapy world including Helen Davies and John Rowan.


During this time he worked as a massage practitioner at The Life Centre in Notting Hill Gate.


Howard continued his psychotherapy training at the Karuna Institute where he studied core process psychotherapy. It was here that he came to appreciate his skills as a therapeutic bodyworker. In 1996 he completed a post-graduate training in craniosacral therapy with Franklyn Sills of the Karuna Institute whilst working as a body oriented psychotherapist.


In 1997 Howard completed a Masters Degree in Therapeutic Bodywork at the University of Westminster under the tutelage of Leon Chaitow and Dr David Peters. Howard’s MA thesis discussed the significance of therapeutic listening both from a psychotherapeutic and a craniosacral perspective and suggested the possibility of a ‘memory of health’ to which the patient could reorient, given the right therapeutic relationship.


Since then he has undertaken advanced courses in craniosacral biodynamics with, amongst others, Franklyn Sills and Michael Shea.


Howard has presented his work at conferences in London and Barcelona and in Mallorca at Son Llatzer Hospital and IBILAB Clinic for assisted pregnancy. He is the author of ‘A Myofascial Approach to Thai Massage’ and contributory author in the 3rd edition of Modern Neuromuscular Techniques edited by Leon Chaitow.

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